Salife Electromagnetic Shielding Paint

  • Effectively isolate more than 99%~99.9% of the electromagnetic wave
  • Protect against electromagnetic wave of high frequency
  • Water-based latex paint, free of formaldehyde and other toxic substances and organic solvents
  • After use of this paint, the shielding effectiveness works permanently as long as the wall does not peel off
  • Contain special carbon materials with no metals, and no rust risk

Electromagnetic Wave

Electromagnetic wave is described as radiation of energy coupled with electric and magnetic fields resulting from an electric charge; in simple term, it is wave motion of electromagnetic fields (EMF). The number wave motion varies per second is called frequency, which depends on the wavelength; the shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency. Electromagnetic wave at low frequency moves through tangible conductors; while at high frequency, it can move without any media, also called radiation.

High frequency electromagnetic fields with frequencies of 10M Hz~300G Hz belong to radiofrequency (RF) fields; the sources of which are radio transmitters, Wi-Fi, radar, mobile phone antennas, etc. Their strength is measured as power densities in watts per square meter (W/m2), milliwatts per square meter (mW/m2) or microwatts per square meter (μW/m2).

Environmental Exposure Limits of Electromagnetic Radiation

Country Frequency Exposure Limit (W/m²)
United States 900MHz 6
United States 1800MHz 12
Taiwan 900MHz 0.45
Taiwan 1800MHz 9
China 1800MHz 0.1
Italy 1800MHz 0.1
Austria (Vienna) 1800MHz 0.01
Switzerland, Luxembourg 1800MHz 0.095

1 W/m² = 1,000 mW/m² = 1,000,000 μW/m² = 100μW/cm² = 0.1 mW/cm²
Resource:Taiwan Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard Protection and Control Association

German Building Biology Guidelines

Strength No anomaly Weak anomaly Strong anomaly Extreme anomaly
Radiofrequency (RF) fields < 0.1 μW/m² 0.1~5 μW/m² 5~100 μW/m² >100 μW/m²

Resource:Institut für Baubiologie und Ö kologie Neubeuern IBN

Health Effects

Effects on central nervous system

Low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields may cause headaches, fatigue, memory loss, sleep deprivation, sweating, heart palpitations, chest tightness, hair loss and other symptoms. A Sweden research indicates that animals appear memory loss and dementia after exposure to electromagnetic fields with frequency of 20 mG.

Effects on immune function

The percentage and the number white blood cells of human body engulf bacteria may decline when people are influenced by electromagnetic fields. In the long term, the formation of antibodies may also be affected.
Effects on cardiovascular and blood system. The fluctuations of blood pressure caused by electromagnetic fields may lead to low blood pressure. Besides, white blood cells may decrease and the formation of red blood cells may be repressed.

Effects on reproductive system and gene

Due to long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields, the declination of the male’s reproductive function may affect reproductive capability and lesion of the female’s oocyte may cause a loss of fertility; besides, a medical study indicates that abnormal cell division and even gene replication errors may happen to fetus in the early stages of embryonic development. High levels exposure to electromagnetic fields may lead to mutation of the male’s genital chromosomes. Pregnant women accept shortwave diathermy in the early stage of pregnancy or prior to pregnancy, the fetus may appear congenital defects.

Effects on visual system

The temperature of eyeballs rise easily due to the influence of electromagnetic fields, and one of main factors to cause cataract is temperature rise. A number of scholars believe that long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation may lead to visual impairment such as vision narrowed, time extension of dark adaptation, and appear visual fatigue, dry eyes or other discomforts.

Carcinogenic effects

Some experiments of microwave biologists indicate that electromagnetic radiation causes mutations and mitotic abnormalities of gene and particulate cell chromosome, leading to that some organizations appear pathologic proliferation process so that normal cells turn into cancer cells. A research demonstrates that children residing in the area near some of the high-voltage power lines bear higher risks of suffering from leukemia, brain cancer and other cancers than average children.


  • This product, being grayish black, can be used as base coat. It is recommended to brush or spray two times and then cover with topcoat.
  • Stir or shake well before opening. Never  mix with  water or other additives.
  • Coverage:3 m²~ 7 m² / 1 liter is recommended.
    Note:The thicker the coating, the better the shielding effectiveness of electromagnetic.


  • 1 Liter/ 1.2 kg
  • 5 Liter/ 6 kg

Shelf life

12 months. Shall be used within 48 hours after opening


Please place at a cool and dry area, and keep away from children.