Multi-layered Graphene (MLG)

  • Good electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Good performance of lubrication
  • High temperature resistant


The multi-layered graphene maintains the original plane carbon lattice structure of graphite so that it has good electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as good mechanical strength, which can be applied in the aspect of electrical conductivity, anti-static electricity and electromagnetic shielding and so on.


Polymer composite materials, thermal elastomer, LED heat sink, thermal adhesion, etc.


Item Purity Layers Thickness Oxygen content Specific surface area Particle size (D50) Electrical conductivity Thermal conductivity
MLG 99% < 50 < 20 nm ~5% 17.4 m2/g 4.96 μm ~50000 S/m 37 W/mK

Test Report

  • MLG – XRD
  • MLG – AFM
  • MG – Imaging Particle Analyzer