Graphene Oxide Aqueous Solution (GO-S)/h2>

  • High degree of oxidation
  • Good compatibility with substrate
  • High hydrophilic property
  • The best for a large number of doping, without electrical conductivity


GO possesses such an excellent interface as blending with polymer, leading to form a homogeneous mixture readily. These interactions significantly increase the GO dispersion or solubility in the resin. However, due to the presence of oxygen-containing functional groups, its own conjugated conductive structures are undermined. Though the reduction of GO (i.e. rGO), the part of the GO conjugate region can be recovered. Therefore, rGO electrical conductivity can be partially restored.


Drug carrier, biomedicine, fuel cells, polymer composite materials, biosensors, electrical devices, conductive inks/coatings, electromagnetic shielding, transparent electrode, catalyst, etc