Modified Graphene (MG)

  • Mainly contain carboxyl and hydroxyl functional groups
  • High conductivity (i.e., 88~130 S/cm)
  • Moderate compatibility with substrate


The modified graphene possesses the amphiphilic property which has both lipophilic and hydrophilic groups and maintains almost entire internal lattice structure of graphene. Consequently, the material has a low surface resistivity.


Lithium batteries, polymer composite materials, conductive coatings, electromagnetic shielding, catalyst, etc


Item Purity Layers Thickness Oxygen content Specific surface area Particle size Electrical conductivity Thermal conductivity
MG 98% 1~5 1.6 nm ~33% 13.8 m2/g 50~300 nm 8800~13000 S/m 11.5 W/mK

Test Report

  • MG – RAMAN
  • MG – AFM
  • MG – Particle Size Analysis by AFM
  • MG – TEM